Time Traveler’s Guide to Victorian London (Timetraveller’s Guide) Narayan, Natas

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Title: Time Traveler’s Guide to Victorian London (Timetraveller’s Guide)
Author: Narayan, Natasha/ Davis, Mark (Illustrator)

Publisher:Watling Street Publication Date:Nov-01-2004 Pages:96 Binding:Paperback Dimensions:4.75 (W) x 7.50 (H) x 0.25 (D) ISBN:1904153119 BISACSubjects_Heading:Juvenile Nonfiction / General

Description: Recalls the history of and life in Victorian London, the largest and most overcrowded city in the world at the time.

Everything you always wanted to know about Victorian London:

• What was The Great Stink (not a Victorian teenager’s bedroom)? • Life (or most likely death) in the workhouse • Chimney sweeps and apprentices—the life of an average working child • Begging and pickpocketing—survival on the streets • The diary of Queen Vic (the woman, not the pub) • Life in the rookeries • Jack the Ripper, opium dens and the Victorian underworld • Charles Dickens, Avenging Angel • Public hangings and other entertainments • The turn of the tide—the age of reform

From the audacious Crystal Palace—a symbol of the age—to the slums of St Giles, Victorian London is a place of greater contrasts than in any other period. The more shocking because it is the most recent period in the series, here the streets are teeming with gents and pickpockets, vicars and prostitutes, philanthropists and murderers. — Independent Publishing Group

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Only $4.91
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