The Real Beauty of the Philippines

The Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is one of the busiest tourist spots in the world and has a lot to offer to the travelers who wish to spend their vacation in an exotic place. There are lots of tourists and vacationers who visit the Philippines and love to spend their holidays here in the most beautiful places in the world. The rich flora and fauna of the place and the breathtaking landscapes attract a lot of people to spend their vacations in the Philippines. A holiday in the Philippines can make your holidays very memorable and you can enjoy staying in the luxury hotels of the Philippines.

If you want to spend your holiday in the Philippine Islands, then you must first know about the different places where you can go and explore. First, you can visit Manila wherein the city is very big and you will get to see all the important landmarks like the Congress and the presidential house. Also, the main port of the country is in Manila. It also has a huge volcano, which is called the Apolinario Island which is located near Manila. In this volcano, you can also see black volcanic ash everywhere which is created due to the heating process inside the volcano. People who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and want to see all the beautiful sights of the place should visit this volcano.

The Philippines has three major islands; the Philippines North, South and Central. The largest island of the Philippines is the island of Mindanao and it is around 700 miles long. The other islands include Puerto Princesa Island, rocabang Island and Caticlan Island. The southernmost island of the Philippines is Tagaytay and it is around 900 miles long. Apart from these, there are lots of smaller islands which are very beautiful and they add more color to the total land area of the Philippines.

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