Smartrip TSA Lock 3 Dial Combination Luggage and Travel Padlock in Assorted C…

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Smartrip TSA Lock 3 Dial Combination Luggage and Travel Padlock in Assorted Colors,2 PACK(Black)


Keep your valuables safe with 3-Dial Smartrip TSA Approved Luggage and Travel Lock:
The Smartrip Lock Secure your luggage, and keep your valuables safe when traveling with these 3-dial combination travel locks. Detailed instructions on how to change your code, you can easy to set and reset the lock with your personal combination.
The Extremely Dependable Smartrip Luggage and Travel Lock:
The extra durable Smartrip Lock that is not easily cracked gives you perfect security and protection.PC material can successfully resist wear and tear. 3 chrome-plated set-your-own dials. Steel shackle for strong cut resistance.
Satisfaction Guarantee and Quality Warranty:
Smartrip Luggage and Travel Lock comes in Smartrip TSA Lock comes in black, ensign blue, cobalt, rose red, more choice for customers. All Smartrip Locks are 100% inspected before they are shipped to cargo. Money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Airport Convenience:
The TSA recognized locks allow TSA screeners to inspect and relock baggage without damaging the lock. They simply open your locks, inspect, and relock your bags, sending them quickly and securely on their way.
About Smartrip
Smartrip established in 1996, is a “TA think tank” which takes “Travel Accessories” as carrier, and is also an integration platform for cross-border resources. “Travel Lifestyle” is the concept of Smartrip, whose core objective is “Customer Intimacy”, and who forms a consultation service system with a core of service supply, product development, in-depth marketing through depth integration of vendor strength, product strength and marketing power. Smartrip is now becoming a trustworthy “TA think tank” of the customers for long-term development.

TSA APPROVED – They have the key and can’t remove their key unless they safely lock your bag ERGONOMICS DESIGN – Three chrome plated metal dials, easy to hold and use MATERIAL AND SIZE – PC,2.5 X 1.3 X 0.6inches, 0.93oz LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If your lock breaks we will send you a new one FREE

Only $14.28
Buy with confidence

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