Plug Adapter – South Africa Thick 3 Prong Type M Electrical outlet

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Note: This is only a plug adapter. 

It does not change or convert voltage.

Information on The Type M Electrical Outlet – 

Type M South African plug Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet

The Type M, or South African, electrical plug has three circular pins, and is essentially a larger version of the Type D.  
The Type M electrical plug is technically known as BS 546 (South African 15 A/250 V). It has been adopted as the standard plug in South Africa.

Countries Using Type M Electric Plug – Hong Kong, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland.Accepts Plugs from most countries including US, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia, Italy
Output : South African style Triangle shape 3 Prong big plug (2 parallel round, 1 thicker round) Grounded Plug (male) 
Input : Universal Receptacle (female)
Permits plugs from other countries to fit into the Grounded South African Electric Wall Outlet
This style of plug is mainly used in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland

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Only $4.25
Buy with confidence

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