New! Parabellum Duffle Bag, Givenchy, Berluti, Bottega Veneta, Martin Margiela

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This is an ultra-lux duffle sold at exclusive high end retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Farfetch. It tends to range from $2500 – $2950. 
In addition, this is a special custom job for a high end shoe designer — he makes shoes for everyone from Brad Pitt to Elon Musk and his shoes are sold in high end boutiques around the world. He’s a master of leather and had Parabellum custom make this one for him with different handles and accents than the normal line. 
DIMENSIONS: 24″L x 13″ W x 11″H. 5″ handle drop.
A great note from the guys at Parabellum: I had an inquiry about the zipper and buffalo hide bag in rain/inclement weather. They told me the zippers are the highest quality available in the world from Switzerland and that the bags only get better with age/weather. In fact, one of them spilled a milkshake in one of these bags. They washed it out in the shower and said it came out looking even better and tighter overall.
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I’ve been burned on the past with eBay shipping vastly underestimating costs especially with luggage. Please note I am happy to ship these to you for actual cost and we will work that out. Also International buyers please note — this is set up under eBay’s global shipping program, which includes all the taxes, etc. I understand this is expensive and spoke to them about it. If you end up winning the auction, you have the option to opt-out of their global shipping and we can work out shipping direct together for lesser cost (in addition I can list for less on the paperwork to save on taxes/fees). Thanks.



AUGUST 6, 2012 

You’d think that a black leather duffle bag couldn’t possibly be all that interesting, right? We’ve all seen them done in a thousand different ways by as many different brands, and at a certain point, they just all blur together. Imagine my pleasant surprise, then, when met one of the founders of American leather goods company Parabellum during New York Fashion Week in February and was genuinely impressed with the materials used, the level of workmanship, basically everything. While some large designers tend to cut corners on their cash-cow accessories lines in order to maximize their bottom lines, Parabellum is a small company looking to do everything the right way. 

Bags like the Parabellum Medicine Man Duffle are made from bison skins sourced from American farms, which are then tanned, barrel-dyed and hand-cut at an undisclosed location (this is all very proprietary, naturally) in the Midwest with old school tools of the trade that the craftsmen have been using for decades. For bags that use copper hardware, each piece is hand-shaped and hand-finished by a metal worker. On the other hand, the black bag above uses handmade ceramic hardware (think the band of a Chanel J12 watch), which is so difficult to produce in these sizes and shapes that major European brands have tried to buy the process from Parabellum, who declined to sell. And that’s to say nothing of how gorgeous the leather is.

I’m a bit of a hard sell when it comes to textured leather, even natural texture; I tend to prefer mine soft and perfectly flat, like Chanel lambskin. In person, though, it’s obvious that this texture isn’t stamped or embossed, it’s a natural feature of the leather that the tanners were absolutely correct not to eradicate. The feel of the leather is also amazing; soft, but clearly strong. When I met with one of the owners, he showed me a new bag next to the one that he had been using for a year, and as with most leather goods that are manufactured with care, this bag gets better with age. If there’s a splurge-worthy weekender out there right now, this is it. Plus, you get the added benefit of not having the same bag as every other stylish dude you know. Buy through FarFetch for $2920

Only $1197.00
Buy with confidence

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