Know Your Rights: Disabled Air Passenger

disabled air passenger* A disabled air passenger may not be refused transportation on the basis of disability or be required to have an attendant or produce a medical certificate, except in certain limited circumstances stipulated in the airline rule.

* Airline carriers ought to present deplaning, enplaning and connecting help, which includes both employees and related equipment. (Some minor commuter aeroplanes might not exactly be accessible to individuals with extreme mobility problems. When generating strategies to journey to not so big locations, such travellers should check on the airplane model and its ease of access. )

* International airport terminals and aircarrier booking centers need to have TDD phone equipment for individuals with hearing or speech problems.

* Passengers with vision or hearing impairments must have timely access to the same information provided to other passengers at the airport or on the plane concerning gate assignments, delayed flights, safety, etc .

* New wide body aircraft must have a wheelchair accessible lavatory and an on-board wheelchair. Airlines must put an on-board wheelchair on most other flights upon a passenger’s request ( 48 hours notice required ).

* Air carriers must accept wheelchairs as checked baggage, and cannot require passengers to sign liability waivers for them ( except for pre-existing damage).

* Most new airplanes must have movable armrests on fifty percent the aisle seats, and on-board stowage for one folding passenger wheelchair.

* Carriers must allow service animals to accompany passengers in the cabin, as long as they don’t block the aisle or other emergency evacuation routes.

* Faa safety rules establish standards for passengers allowed to sit down in emergency exit rows; such persons must be able to perform certain evacuation-related functions.

* Faa rules also prohibit passengers from bringing their own oxygen. Most air carriers will provide aircraft-approved oxygen for a fee, but aren’t required to.

* Air carriers may not charge for services that are required by this rule.

* Airlines must make available a specially-trained Complaints Resolution Official if a dispute arises. There ought to be a copy of the DOT rule at every single airport.

It can be advisable to contact the aircarrier again ahead of your holiday to reconfirm any help that you have asked for.

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