Comfy Basics Travel Neck Pillow Gray Comfy Commuter

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Comfy Basics Travel Neck Pillow Gray

Product Details

Color: Gray
Brand: Comfy Commuter

Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 6 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight: 10.7 ounces
Shipping Weight: 10.7 ounces
Manufacturer: Comfy Commuter
Origin: USA
Item model number: Basics
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 118 customer reviews 4 out of 5 stars

Perfect gift
Superior design supports head and neck
Optional chin strap for additional support and snug fit
Ultralight and washable
Plush comfort

Color: Gray This travel pillow unlike any other with a revolutionary new design that provides cushy support to the head and neck and is perfect for travel. Features of the neck pillow include a chin strap for additional support, ultra-light, washable, moisture-absorbing fabric, attachment for luggage and attractive two-tone fabric. This neck pillow makes a wonderful, thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who travels. The pillow is distinctive. It is engineered to surround your head in cushy support. Comfy Commuter offers two different pillows. This pillow offers the same excellent head support as the Original pillow. The difference is that this pillow does not include an attached compression bag or side pocket. Comfy Commuter is a small business started by a mother and daughter. The travel pillow was created simply because they could not find a comfortable neck pillow when they traveled. The pillow was first offered for sale in 2010. Since then, small design modifications have been made to the pillow to improve it even more. However, the cradling of the head and neck design is the foundation of the pillow. Owners promise the Comfy Commuter neck pillow is the most comfortable neck pillow you will ever use or your money back! Guaranteed!

Only $42.64
Buy with confidence

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