Best Beaches In Thailand Our Top 4

Best Beaches In ThailandThailand offers some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. For those that have traveled there they know that the beauty of this untouched location makes for some of the greatest holidays on earth. This is coupled with the vast amount of historical culture that abounds the countryside and there is never a shortage of things you can do in this country. Due to the fact most of this land is untouched by development you will find that relaxation and tranquil living is more than achievable. The reaches of the mighty have never gotten this far which means that you will definitely get the very best within the holiday market, particularly when it comes to the Thailand beach spots.

Khao Lak is a fantastic Thailand beach. Only a quick drive from the air terminal, this particular haven gives a remote getaway place like none other. Due to the place staying mainly uninhabited, you will find a rich virgin forest close by in addition to a whole variety of animals to be seen. The water is warm in the November to December months plus the reef fishing and diving is out of this universe.

Phuket Thailand Beach is also a very good location. Enjoy this location from November to March. You will find more than enough to do. This can be a bit more crowded than other beaches because this region thrives on the tourism dollars that it earns. The scuba diving is first class in this area and you will also find some of the warmest most clear water on the planet. There are many close by visitors attractions to keep one busy for several days.

Phi Don Thailand beach is quite the turn around. Previously a remote and nearly unknown spot, this Thailand beach came to life when Hollywood came in and filmed a movie there. It is now regarded as one of the most favored beaches in the entire country and is visited by many big names. This is a location that you will not want to miss, since the views are spectacular and the water warm and welcoming.

West Raily Thailand beach is one of the undiscovered locations. There is very little that is pricey and one can remain at the resort for over a week and barely touch the budget. The sands are white and the water clear. Scuba diving is extremely popular here along with the sport fishing. This place is only reachable by long tail boat, therefore plan for a lengthy journey.

Best Beaches In Thailand

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