5 Best Philippine Islands You Should See

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 different Islands dispersed through the entire nation, and each of them is equally as impressive as the rest! Observe which of these fabulous Philippine Islands appeal most to you. Let us discuss the top Five very best Philippine Islands.

El Nido, Palawan

The Island has been called by CNN as the Philippines’ very best place to go for beach locations and islands for vacationists and travelers. Because the Island is not really highly urbanized, it is apparent that many of the islands’ natural environment continues to be undamaged and unscathed. Palawan Island offers a number of white sandy beach locations. Towering cliffs as well as azure lagoons can be found. Certainly one of Palawan’s well-known beaches is Bacuit Bay. Should you be into scuba diving, then this may be the right spot to suit your needs. The Bay is rich in sea life, namely; dugong (sea cows), turtles, manta rays, as well as white sharks. The location is said to have over thirty scuba diving locations with Six to thirty meters in depth.

Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte

Situated in the northeastern portion of Mindanao, Siargao Island is recognized as the surf capital in the Philippines. Surfing contests usually are organised two times per year in Buddha’s Surf resort. If you happen to be the kind of vacationer who desires tranquility, Siargao Island has its own remote beaches between surf island and the town. Such beaches are Daku, Guyam, and Naked Islands. There you will find numerous streaks of white sands which extend as much as several kilometers, hermit crabs, and the wonderful local people residing there. These beach locations are unblemished by the public, so enjoy its tranquility whilst you still can. The island also offers a natural cave reserve, the Sohoton Cave.

Boracay Island

We have just about all heard of this island. This is where the majority of the vacationers go to. This island is usually filled with local people and vacationers, particularly at night time, where nightlife and hard beverages usually are provided. The island is found in Aklan Province, Visayas. One of several features in Boracay is Ariel’s Point. It includes 5 degrees of cliff diving locations, tuiquoise color seas, mangrove forests, and volcanic natural stone formations. If you are an adventure-seeking man or woman, then visit Ariel’s point and take a great jump off a 13 – meter high cliff! Should you be too afraid though, you are able to choose alternative activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, and indulge your own appetite in the resort’s dinner buffet.

Coron Island

Also situated in Palawan, Coron Island is surrounded by massive granite rock formations. This island is well known for the various wrecked ships identified there since WWII, that happen to be a great spot for scuba diving. Addititionally there is an islet that consists of just rock formations. The Kayangan Lake, located within, has long been called as the most clean lake within Asia.

Sabtang Island

IsIs found southwest of Batan Island inside the northern portion of Luzon. The island is really a excellent location for mother nature enthusiasts since it is unmarked by the public. It includes numerous white sand beach locations and mountains ideal for hiking.

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