2x Travel Pillows Unique design with 2 side head supports and memory foam collar

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Pack of 2 –  Roamwild Surround
Pillow – Unique design of travel cushion

Unique Design – Memory Foam Collar with 2 x inflatable side supports that are adjustable Can be worn backwards for full head support – Washable cover for longevity of use Fully supports your head, preventing neck and back ache after long travel 5 comfort user modes so you can
rest undisturbed and to help you find the ultimate comfort – the pillow
can be worn backwards to support chin. The front strap means that the
cushion moves with you as you sleep and does not fall away.
Perfect for the car, flying, train, coach and just sitting in the home or in the garden.Great for the car

The Roamwild Surround travel pillow is made from a memory foam collar
and has unique side head supports that independently fully support the
weight of your head, keeping your spine aligned and neck ligaments not
over extended, therefore reducing the risk of neck ache after travel
Memory foam neck cushion – shapes to provide ultimate neck and head
support. The pillow includes 2 x inflatable side supports that can be
inflated to suit your requirements. Adjustable – the inflatable side
supports can be angled forwards or backwards for your preferred
positioning. 5 user modes – normal, one side up, both sides up,
partially inflated and can also be used backwards. The side supports
allow you to rest in private and helps reduce surrounding noise and
engine noise. Twin air valve technology – for optimized inflation and
rapid deflation. Washable cover – The cover is washable for longevity of
use. This product conforms to all relevant safety and approvals
testing. It is recommended that this product should not be used by
children under the age of 11 years old. Endorsed by Sarah Woodland BSc
(Hons) Chiropractic, DC: A superb quality product that moulds to the
natural curvature of your spine allowing maximum comfort and a fully
supported spine. The Roamwild surround pillow allows the cervical spine
to maintain it’s natural ‘C’ shaped curve without causing the classic
painful and poor postural ‘anterior head carriage’ or ‘hyperextension’
positions. This correct ‘C’ shaped curve is important to help prevent
additional stresses and strains on the delicate tissues particularly the
ligaments, intervertebral discs, nerve roots and facet joints. The
pillow is also good at reducing lateral deviation (sideways movement) to
the cervical spine. A well thought out, comfortable and functionally
designed product.

Only $49.99
Buy with confidence

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